Youth for Young People – Christmas days 04 – 07.01.2019. Sava Centar

Youth for Young People – Christmas days 04 – 07.01.2019. Sava Centar
Sava Centar, Beograd
04.Jan.2019 - 08.Jan.2019

The 4-day event “Srpske Đakonije – Christmas days
” of its first day, in the program “Youth for Young People” in the concert, begins with the association with Milan Stankovic and Lexington band. Milan Stankovic, a favorite of a younger audience, became known to the wider public after participating in the Stars of Granda (2007) where he reached the superfinals. He participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with the song “This is Balkan”.
In the television show “The Stars of Granda” he was among the favorites. His first album, “Solo”, came across an excellent audience reception. Milan Stankovic has a large number of fans in Japan and likes to perform on big scenes, and the scene of the Great Hall of the Sava Center will be a challenge to him.
The same evening, after Milan Stankovic, will perform the Lexington band, a group that is part of the image – glamor and elegance. At this time, the Lexington band stands out as one of the most promising compositions in Serbia and has collaborated with the most eminent authors and musicians from the region.

The second day of Christmas holidays is the first to be shaped by a real masquerade for young people, who will perform the show with music, dance and show by the program at 15:28, when all the parents will be full of hearts to let their kids and kids at this show. With the joy of the atmosphere of the most joyous Christian holiday, Christmas, the Tropiko band will surely lead to an upsurge of music that has elements of pop and folk and energetic performance byAlexander Sasa Cvetkovic (Sale Tropiko). Sale Tropiko is a member of the jury “Pinkovezvjezdice” and is favored by a younger audience promising him a great time after the “Matina pod maski” after the show. Ticket prices for this spectacle are 800 and 1000 dinars.

The third night of the manifestation “Srpska Đakonija – Božićni dani”, January 6, 2019. At 20.00, the choir of spiritual music “Alliluia” will open. Bora Dugić, a celebrated soloist-frulas, was a member of the RTB’s Grand National Orchestra, and as a soloist, Frulaš recorded dozens of records and cassettes, and held hundreds of solo concerts around the world.

Bojana Nikolic, whose performance on “Christmas Days” will be in the genre of ethno music, she has participated in over two hundred and fifty concerts in the country and abroad.

Sanja Ilic and Balkanika had concerts on all continents. In the most beautiful way, they represent a part of the cultural heritage and music everywhere in the world. The host of this evening will be Aleksandar Gajšek, renowned TV host, editor of the program “Agape” and an excellent connoisseur of Serbian tradition. Ticket prices are 1700, 1900, 2000, 2100 and 2500 dinars.

The fourth day of the manifestation “Srpska Đakonija – Božićni dan” is overgrown with the legends of the legend of domestic folk music. The first ladies of the Serbian folk music: Merima Njegomir, Ana Bekuta, Nada Topčagić, Dragica Radosavljević Cakana and Biljana Jevtić, will magnify and beautify this musical evening in the Great Hall of Sava Center, the first day of the most joyous Christian holiday, Christmas.

For decades, the celebrated folk music folk musicians: Radisa Urosevic, Rade Jorovic and Aleksandar Ilic, will perform their repertoire by which they are known to the wider audience and by which they have earned their outstanding reputation.

On this evening KUD “Krušik” from Valjevo, awarded with several international awards, will perform with games and songs from Serbia. All this will happen under the virtuoso arm of the most elite accordion player of Serbia – Vlada Panovic. The program leader will be famous TV host Dragana Katić. Ticket prices for this evening are 1600, 1800, 1900, 2000, and 2300 dinars.


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