The Art of Manipulation in Magic 27.10.- 28.10.2017. Rovinjsko selo

The Art of Manipulation in Magic 27.10.- 28.10.2017. Rovinjsko selo
Rovinjsko selo, Hrvatska
27.Oct.2017 - 28.Oct.2017

„Manuele Pascal presents a workshop about
The Art of Manipulation in magic.
Basic techniques of manipulation used in close-up:
appearences and disappearences of small objects.
Routines with coins, cards, sponges, ropes, cardistry, etc etc
Two days working on basic concepts of magic, timing and misdirection.

Manuele Pascal is a Street performer working with balance and
juggling since 2001. In 2009 he began a path in magic,
studying with others collegues working with magic ( Lorenz,
Shezan and Alessandro Alegria ). He followed several
conferences of magic with good italian artists ( Aldo
Colombini the most valuable… ). He continues the study of
magic with the virtual teaching of David Roth, Eric Jones,
Jeff McBride and creates by himself his own

Friday 13 october 18h-22h
Saturday 14 october 10h-14h
max 10 people.

Price 300kn/40 Euros,
included a basical deck of cards, two coins of
half dollars, and technical documents to copy on your own hard disk or usb stick.

Please confirm your apply by sending a mail at this adress
before the 1st october

Possibility of sleeping on the place,
please contact us for more informations..

The Theatre in the Woods


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