Afro Cuban All Stars 02.11.2019. Sava Centar

Afro Cuban All Stars 02.11.2019. Sava Centar
Sava Centar, Milentija Popovića, Belgrade, Serbia

Concert program

02 November 2019 20:30

Great hall


220-60-60 Ticket price: 1800, 2000, 2300 and 2700 dinars


World-renowned Cuban music performers Afro Cuban All Stars, a multi-national orchestra led by Juan de Marcos Gonzalez, will hold a concert on November 2 at the Sava Center in Belgrade.
“With Afro Cuban All Stars, we strive to showcase the richness of Cuban music. Our concerts are a journey through Cuban music, its history and all its genres. To me, all genres are valid, I make no distinction between them. It’s all one, Cuban music.” , explains Juan de Marcos Gonzalez.

The extraordinarily rich musical heritage of Cuba Afro Cuban All Stars has been successfully presenting with every new concert or release since the first album “A Toda Cuba le Gusta”, recorded as part of the same studio session, and released in 1997 together with the famous albums ” Buena Vista Social Club “and” Introducing Ruben Gonzalez. It was De Marcos who was the architect of the Buena Vista Social Club project. As music director, de Marcos brought together great old musicians such as Ibrahim Ferrer, Pio Leiva, Manuel Licea “Puntillita”, Omar Portuondo, Ruben Gonzalez and others, arranging with producer Nick (Nick) Gold to record for his record label World Circuit a couple of albums in Havana to pay homage to the golden age of Cuban popular music in the 1930s and 1940s. The two-week recording with veterans of Cuban sound produced, first, “A Toda Cuba le Gusta”, with the help of American producer and multi-instrumentalist Ry Cooder and “Buena Vista Social Club” and “Introducing.Ruben Gonzalez”, a total of three great albums that forever changed the view of the rest of the world on Cuban traditional music. Following the success of “A Toda Cuba le Gusta”, de Marcos decided to continue the Afro-Cuban All Stars project, as leader of the orchestra, and on the notable subsequent albums “Distinto, Diferente” (1999) and “Step Forward” (2005), as and on live “Absolutely Live” (2009) and “Absolutely Live II” (2017). As he initially wanted to show the talents of the old masters, de Marcos is now interested in promoting Cuba’s brilliant young musicians. Therefore, Afro-Cuban All Stars is a multi-generational set-up, which successfully utilizes influences from classical genres such as son and danzon, as well as contemporary dance rhythms such as timbo.”We are trying to create a bridge between contemporary and traditional Cuban music, to mix both things to make people realize that Cuban music did not stop in time, but continued to evolve …,” explains Juan de Marcos the essence of today’s Afro Cuban All Stars. The musician whom the influential Songlines portal called “Cuban Quincy Jones” adds: “It is important to maintain continuity, as it is important to continue the fight for the identity of Cuban music.”

Tickets are on sale at the Sava Center box office, as well as through points of sale and the network


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