Bernays Propaganda 09.02.2019. Elektropionir

Bernays Propaganda 09.02.2019. Elektropionir
Cetinjska 15, Belgrade, Serbia
Pop Depression // Pop Depression and Umbrellas represent
Bernays Propaganda (Macedonia)
The most exciting band on the regional music scene, Bernays Propaganda, returns to concerts after several years of break. Within the returnee tour, Belgrade will visit Belgrade on Saturday, February 9th, where in Elektropronik will play a kind of “best of” set composed of the songs of Bernays Propaganda, as well as other “sister” bands – XaXaX, My Tear, 21st Century, Vasko Atanasoski …
The tickets will be pre-sold in Zaokret from January 24th at a price of 500rsd.
Throughout their career, these disco-post-punk warriors from Skopje, from the debut of “Happiness Machines” (2009) to the last studio album “Politics” (2016), remained faithful to the philosophy that nothing was forbidden and that every injustice should be reacted. Engaged verses, punk attitude, new-wave readiness to experiment, three nuclear power reactors and a rhythm that does not allow you to stand aside, they were the rest of the BP – on every song, EP, album and concert.
There have been numerous touring and hundreds of concerts in Europe and America. They were also the favorite band of the audience and music critics, but when no one expected it, Bernays Propaganda decided after the fourth album “Politika” and another round of intense concerts to reduce their activity to basal metabolism, and members devoted their solo projects (Vasko Atanasoski, My Tear, 21st Century …).
After a few years of lulling, Bernays Propaganda is returning to us in a kind of “best of” formation. With Kristina Gorovska (vocals), Vasko Atanasoski (vocals, guitars) and Denija Krsteva (electronics), the band joined Rade Jordanovski (bass) and Kristijan Lafazanovski (drum). Parallel to the recently published EP Edition “Nothing Will Not Split” and the new album “Second Youth, Third World War” announced for the autumn of this year, Bernays Propaganda comes to us in a tour where in 33 minutes you play 33 songs. Besides the songs from the catalog of Bernays Propaganda, the repertoire will also include some of the songs of other bands in which the team played and still plays (XaXaXa, My Tear, 21st Century and Vasko Atanasoski).
In addition to opening a new exciting music chapter for Bernays Propaganda, this concert is an excellent opportunity for insight into the situation on today’s Macedonian music scene where Tina, Vasko, Denis, Rade and Kristijan are one of the most active and most creative participants with their parent and other bands.
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