[:en]1001 BenAkiba New Year's Eve 2018

[:en]1001 BenAkiba New Year's Eve 2018
Braća Krsmanović 6, Beograd

Ben Akiba Comedy Club & Bar & Ben Akiba White Lounge & Art Gallery
31. 12.2017.
Ben Akiba comedy club & bar @ ground floor
21h dj Adam Atomski
retro-pop, rock, R & B, funky … dance & party tunes

Ben Akiba white lounge & art gallery @ first floor
21h dj Oki Begovski
deep to progressive house & new tec … electro dance grooves ..

The price of the ticket is 35 euros without booking a table.
The price of the ticket is 45 Euros with reservation of the table, where you will be waiting for a tasty snack and an appetizing welcome.
-Bar tables

Unlimited consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the evening. Beers, wines, basic beverages, cocktails, etc.
New Year’s offer of food at special prices.
(soon a drink and tick map)

Special offer:
Gallery VIP exclusive
-to 30 persons (separei, french bed)
– Unlimited consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the evening
– New Year’s food offer at special prices
Price is negotiable.

On December 31, the Ben Akiba 1001th road opens its doors to all of you, dear friends and guests, travelers to intentions and random passers-by. You have all gone from us full of memories and that’s why you always come back. And we gladly welcome you again. And as in the stories of the 1001th night, we will flood you with the waves of enjoyment, hedonism and decadence, joy and love, eroticism and exoticism. All wrapped in fragrant food, delicious cocktails and music for myths and legends.
Remember Sheeherezade, Sinbad, Aladdin, flying rugs and a treasure chest? Bring some detail to revive a story that suits us. We do not ask you to mask, but whoever is in the mood is more than welcome.
We are waiting for you to celebrate the 1001st night in Ben Akiba!
The number of places is limited.
Reservations at 0603060122, 0603060134.


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