[:en]Brank's winter spells 16 – 31.12.2017. Theater Snail

[:en]Brank's winter spells 16 – 31.12.2017. Theater Snail
Radoslava Gruića 21, Beograd
16.Dec.2017 - 31.Dec.2017

We would like to inform you that this year, for our youngest audience in the Pozorištance Puž/Theater Snail, we have prepared a new show of “Branko’s Winter Spell”, which of course involves Santa Claus.
Zoza, Branko’s brother who came to visit Branko makes various tricks and brings Branka into funny and interesting situations. However, when the evil dwarf who steals the Santa Claus and gifts appears, the situation becomes serious. We hope that it will be a happy ending, and that Santa Claus with packs will arrive on time.
Upon completion of the show, there is an option to split packets and take pictures with Santa.

For information and reservation of tickets, you can call from Friday, December 1st, to telephones of the theater:
011 / 2438-036
011 / 244-9464
The price of the ticket is 700 dinars.

The currently open and current dates for booking and selling tickets are:

17.12. at 14:00 and 19:00
20.12. at 18:00

PROCEDURE – IF YOU WANT – Take the package at the earliest half an hour before the start of the show, with the name of the child. You will lecture him at the official entrance where he will write PREPARING PACKAGES. Upon completion of the performance, come to the stage where Santa is waiting for you and give the child a packet. You can photograph your child with Santa Claus yourself or our professional photographer can do it. The price of the photo is 150 dinars, and it is free to download it from the next day in the theater. If you do not get to download it by December 31, you will be waiting for you at the photo store.


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