[:en]Burn in Noise Live 11.08.2018.The Petrovaradin Fortress

[:en]Burn in Noise Live 11.08.2018.The Petrovaradin Fortress
Petrovaradinska tvrdjava, Novi Sad
Novi SadSrbija

Jungle Island is proud to present you the “Psychedelic Sundown”, the highlight of this year’s Jangle season, where Bruno and Noise come from Brazil to our city to together make an unbelievable kiss on the fort!

For the first time in Novi Sad, this great artist will have the opportunity to hang out with you under the open sky and wait for a magical sunrise.

You will hear a part of his new album, which is released for NANO RECORDS, along with Imaginarium Live, as well as some of the great DJ sets that Dj Lector, Zarma, Fidel [Stara Škola] and Lyabidelic are preparing for you.

Sound and lighting are brought to us by the guys from Audiolab – Sound Reinforcement / Stage Productions, so we are sure that there is no mistake!

We will try to make the ambiance more like our Jungle and together with the decor and mapping we make a unique whole, to experience the full experience of psychedelic culture and make you and our Brazilian guest one night to remember!

As before, spectacular Fireshow by Ana is waiting for you, this time with even more fiery toys, and together with the animators (which we will announce later) will be part of the atmosphere at dancefloor.

Expect good music, colorful visions and great fun!

+ maybe after sometime? : P

If you did not have the opportunity to get to know the character and part behind which Burn and Noise stands, this piston speaks more than words: D >> https://youtu.be/0GJDQ9d4lyE

Get ready slowly,

See you in Jungle, !!


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