[:en]Cakes and cookies – fresh vegan 10.12.2017. UnitySpace

[:en]Cakes and cookies – fresh vegan 10.12.2017. UnitySpace
Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 95, Beograd

Cakes and Cakes – fresh vegan 10.12. UnitySpace

FILLED is the term for Saturday 09.12-
::: NOVI ::: term is Sunday 10.12 – so please, please continue to apply
And what else is possible ???

Dear friends,

Meet holidays – prepare yourself on time to make delicious, delicious and healthy treats – raw and vegan.
On the repertoire are cakes, cakes, cereal grains (gluten-free), rolls, chocolate, shakes, hot chocolate, nuts, and where still inspire and imagine us. All healthy and without sugar, margarine and flour – only integral and complete foods of fruits and nuts.

The preparation of treats is simple and quick, and the results are top-notch. These are candies that are made and consumed without the care of conscience – healthy, yet all the senses are satisfied with the taste and appearance.

The material for making such candy – the best quality foods that you can imagine and find on the market – fruits dry and fresh, urms, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, maple syrup, cocoa butter, coconut oil, delicious and aromatic spices – vanilla, cinnamon, , carob … – just natural and healthy.

The taste and appearance of this delicacy of prey has all been heard, and more importantly – they are easy to digest. Pure hedonism – enjoy the process from preparation, through consumption to healthy digestion.

The workshop includes gourmet sweets and low-fat sweets.
Processing – fresh and raw – means that there is no thermal processing – just mutimo, mix, chop.
Vegan means that the foodstuffs are exclusively plant products – integral and complete.

On the repertoire are: cakes, small cakes, bayaders, cereal grains, rolls, pudding, herbal milk, hot chocolate, real chocolate … Write to us and ask what you want to learn to do, so we will include it. And what else is it possible to create at this workshop – the wizards?

Most importantly, we will say – you will learn the principles of preparing pastry cakes, how to create new cakes and recipes yourself, how to customize the recipes you find in books and on the Internet. This training will allow you to make cakes and cakes on your own, not only for yourself, but also to treat friends, and possibly clients

What is really possible for this training to bring you new, sweet and joyful lives?

Due to the way in which the participants actively participate, the number of places for attendance is limited to 8 + 3 participants.

The first three to apply and reserve their place are given to the present book of Presna food for beginners, author and workshop leader Margaret Vesna. If you already have a book, you will receive an original, hand-made milk-bag bag! And how can it even better ???

All participants in the workshop receive a handbook – a script with recipes and tips for preparing delicacies.
Everything we do naturally tastes, and surplus – carry home

Participation for the workshop is 6000 dinars or 50 euros.
Booking of the place is done by paying the advance of 2000 dinars.
You can pay the money to reserve your account
Margareta Radomirović, 115-0381637261099-84, Belgrade (telenor bank)

For any information and questions about the workshop please feel free to email margareta.vesna@gmail.com, or by phone at 063-726-1099
• Maintenance date and duration:
Sunday, December 10, 2017 from 10 am to 4 pm
• Venue of the workshop:
Unity Space, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 95/6/17

We are expecting you with joy and ease. Tip: Take a notebook, pencil, apron if you like it and you have a slipper.

The workshop is led by Margareta Vesna, an expert in the preparation of fresh, vegan food, and especially for sweets and sweets.

“My passion for sweets was what I’ve always been like in my life. I wanted to eat only sweets and fruits, now I understand why. It is a natural need for sweet, but it is from a full and natural source – then it nourishes and nourishes our body and health. I made the first rhubarb at the age of 11, and so I met my mom from work – they were the most delicious cakes. I have always experimented with food, especially cakes, and I would make myself a treat for the time of work and in a moment’s eye. Puddings were like a good day for breakfast or dinner. I was special about rules and inventing chocolate fillets and creams … they said that I would sell my ass for sweet … so it’s almost true.

Today I have perfected the way of preparing sweets and cakes to the extent that it is both quick and tasty and healthy – all that today’s pace of life requires.
I want to share this knowledge with decades of experience with a few of you. In order to truly devote to each participant – the number of places is limited – so hurry to sign up. This is a royal workshop – for all of us kings and kings who know and love and enjoy each sweet bite. Remember, the whole feast is in the first bite – let it be perfect, at this workshop this is POSSIBLE. Welcome”

For more information about Margaret and her work, visit www.svesnizivot.com
Thank you for your trust.


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