[:en]Charlotte de Witte & La Fleur 23.12.2017. Hangar

[:en]Charlotte de Witte & La Fleur 23.12.2017. Hangar
Hangar, luka Beograd

CDE promo party: Charlotte de Witte & La Fleur

△ △ △ Central Dance Event △ △

Promo party December 23, Hangar, port of Belgrade

Club Hangar is a newly opened club located in Boulevard Vojvode Mišića 10, more precisely at the Belgrade Fair, across from the BIGZ building.

Charlotte de Witte & La Fleur

The Central Dance Event platform is again surprising and the next winter season begins with a prom party where two multi-ethnic ladies of techno scene will perform.

If there is one DJ to win the world causing an incredible storm this is definitely Charlotte de Witte. Never run out of challenges, directing career and music exactly as she predicts herself, and thus spawning countless uncompromising aggressive techno sets across Europe.

La Fleur is one of the artists that can not be placed in a box anymore. To begin with, she had too many turns to make her career simply limit. To understand it easier, here is what she says to herself: “I do not like the word perfectionist, because it’s actually very difficult to think outside the box, but actually, I’m a lot of … My attention to detail is very big, but I’m also so often dissatisfied with things, and then I work persistently on them until the moment when that feeling in me is lost, that is, when I bring everything to the point where I feel it should be. Of those, I am a person who never leaves anything coincidental. ”


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