[:en]Eight mart film cycle 06 – 08.03.2018. Black house

[:en]Eight mart film cycle 06 – 08.03.2018. Black house
Vojvode Bojovića 13, Novi Sad
06.Mar.2018 - 08.Mar.2018

The Art Cinema CK13 invites you to a series of films that discuss the position of women in society and encourages the change of established practices within the patriarchal system.

We will show the works in which the lives of strong and brave women from different parts of the world are explored. On the first day you will be able to look at one of the most important Japanese feminist films “Street of Shame”, which explores the lives of women working in a brothel, as well as the American film of famous John Kasavettes “A Woman Under The Influence”, which explores the role of women with mental disorders in society and family. On the second day we will watch the film Larsa von Trier “Breaking the Waves”, which creeps into the world of a patriarchal Scottish society and a young girl named Bes, who leads the cosmic battle with the only weapon she has, with her love. On the last day we are looking at the French film “Fat Girl”, which shows us the world of early female sexuality and the consequences lurking behind each corner, we end the cycle with the Italian film “I Am Love”, which explores the life of an aristocrat who feels unfulfilled in a seemingly ideal patriarchal family.

Films selected for you by: Gojko Dimić.
Translations are provided, and the entrance to all projections is free.
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Detailed program and timetable:

Tuesday, March 6:

18.30 – The Shame Street (1956) – The latest film by the great Kendi Mizoguchi who explores the lives of women working in brothels in Japan, the fifties of the last century. After the Japanese government announced a possible ban on prostitution, their lives began to leap from the rail. For most of them, this is the only way to sustain themselves and their families. Missing his entire career, he tried to show the struggle of women who were on the verge of society without romanticizing their suffering. The stories of these women are stories of survival, the struggle for their children and the people they care about, although they may never be rewarded for what they do.

20.00 – Affected Woman (1974) – The most important film by John Kasavetes, who recorded with his wife, John Rolands, who plays the lead role here. Meebel is a woman who is just not a typical housewife of the 1970s in America. She has a husband and two children, and she also has serious mental problems. Her character is one of the bravest portraits of a woman on film. She does not tolerate silence, and she has to hear something at all times, whether it’s kids laughter, punching the door or screaming, because silence for her is death. He constantly runs around his children and encourages them to be happy, like a clown or an older sister. She is a character with big flaws, but in her family she has found the perfect chaos that keeps her alive because she would have killed any other reality.

Wednesday, March 7:

20.30 – Through the Wave (1996) – “Love is a Powerful Force” says the slogan of this film. In it we follow the life of a young Bes who lives in a rural town in Scotland, which is patriarchal to the greatest extreme. She is very pious, as everyone in the community, although most rights are forbidden to women. Bes is in love with a man who works near her place, it’s a freelance stranger who opens up a whole new world – the world of music and love. He sees something unexpected in her, according to the director of “The Golden Heart”, because she is naive and unable to hide her feelings and often fails for it. When her husband experiences a serious accident at work, her love is put to the test. Suddenly, as if the fate of the entire human race is in the hands of the Unbelievers. The film is shocking and infinitely romantic (though not in sentimental sense) and manages to uncover the deepest things hidden in the human soul. Does true love have boundaries and, if so, can we then say that it is love? The film perfectly explores the lives of women in a patriarchal society and their struggle to work, live and love despite everything.

Thursday, March 8:

18.30 – Debela devojka (2001) – A French art film directed and written by Katherine Brelijat. A director who is fascinated by the physical and psychic details of sex. The film follows the young girl Anais, who is 12 years old, and her older sister, Elen. Anais is obesity and unattractive, while her older sister draws the attention of boys and older men. Anais is intelligent and she sees her sister’s adventures. She is a realist and she is interested in the very act of sex, while her sister is enthusiastic about romance and is caught up in many unhealthy situations. The film was shot as a documentary exploring what is most suppressed in a patriarchal society – the sexuality of women, especially the sexuality of young women. Early sexual experiences are usually painful, clumsy and lying, although some Hollywood movies will tell you the opposite. The film does not separate a woman from men by a two-dimensional pattern, but puts women and men in the same circle, where everyone is equally interested in what they can do with their bodies and how far they can go with it.

20.00 – I’m Love (2009) – Italian movie Luke Guadinine starring Tilda Swinton, who interprets the character of Russian woman married to them


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