[:en]Harmonica Orchestra "Aleksa Santic 15.12.2017, Sava Centar

[:en]Harmonica Orchestra "Aleksa Santic 15.12.2017, Sava Centar

The multi-award-winning Harmonica Orchestra “Aleksa Santic” from Ugljevik will hold its first major solo concert in Belgrade and Serbia.
This remarkable and unique orchestra became known to the public by participating in the show “I Have Talent”, where they were placed in the finals of the competition and with their spectacular performances won the affection of the eminent jury and the entire public who followed this competition.
Orchestra of accordion “Aleksa Santic” has been in existence for 17 years, it was founded in 1997.
The Orchestra has 36 members, and most of them are students of Elementary School “Aleksa Santic” from Ugljevik, while six members are former schoolchildren. The orchestra performs Serbian folk music, the music of other nations, and popular music in unique accordion arrangements.
The orchestra in interpretations brings enormous energy and a lot of emotion, as recognized by competent people from the world of music (Emir Kusturica, Radmila Smiljanic, Ljubisa Pavkovic, Branimir Djokic, Ljubo Keselj … as well as eminent professors of the Philharmonic from Russia, Italy, Austria, India …).
So far, the orchestra has had very prominent concerts in Canada (Vancouver and Victoria), Austria, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Oman, the Republic of Srpska, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Slovenia.

So far, the Accordion Orchestra has won numerous awards and recognitions, and some of the most significant are:
– Champions of the Republic of Srpska – 8 times
– The winners of the Sochi 2014 Cultural Olympiad.
– “Grand Prix” at the “Earth is our common home” festival in Yekaterinburg, Russia
At the concert at the Sava Center, the Orchestra of the accordion will present to the Belgrade audience a varied and specially prepared program that will make up the waves of Serbian cars, folk songs, Macedonian songs, sevdalinka, as well as the processing of big hits of local and foreign entertaining music.


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