[:en]Josephine Foster 15.05.2018. Mochvara

[:en]Josephine Foster 15.05.2018. Mochvara
Trnjanski nasip bb, Zagreb

TUESDAY 15.05.2018. • DOOR 20:00 • START 21:00 • UPDATE 45 KN

The Enchanted Swamp presents

Josephine Foster (USA)

The folk expression of Josephine Foster represents a journey through dusty, unpaved roads of America since 100 years ago, with the awareness of the 60’s. The incredible voice that engulfs you like a sea siren and leads through complex-easy music makes her music different from others, yet natural, as if we were already familiar with and listened to playing for us in the living room.

This artist of the recognizable and fragile vocals began her career by singing on funerals and weddings, to later dedicate her to the author’s work. In 2004 she released her first album, and the roots of her music language and the direction she set out to date are already being noted. So far, it has released over 10 albums, and the latest “No More Lamps in the Morning” from 2016 will be promoted in Močvara as part of its European tour.

A meditative atmosphere, intimate texts, dreamy melodies and a special vocal that persecute you, remain the main features of its music, and its immediacy wins the first listening.

If you are interested in how authentic American folk and wandering music is concerned, if you are looking for a scene for fantasy and dreaming, this concert is right for you!

Josephine Foster – Pretty Please

The Cursed Mochvara project is continuing the tradition of organizing concerts of a more intimate atmosphere, under the artistic direction of Nina Romić. The program is realized with the support of HDS ZAMP.

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