[:en]Joyfulness Craziness 9! 08.09.2018. Street galery

[:en]Joyfulness Craziness 9! 08.09.2018. Street galery
Čavketov pasaž, Beograd

The year is rejoicing, we sometimes move because we are surprised. Therefore, in September, for the ninth time in the organization of Reconstruction Women’s Fund, Joyfulness Craziness is held, a manifestation that creates public spaces for exchange, socializing, solidarity actions and networking – Saturday, September 8 at 20:00!
This year, prepare for relaxation, joy, socializing and reflection. You are waiting for artists, collectives, bands and workshops for every heart for all generations!
IN THE STREET GALLERY, the revived city passage that will host various artistic practices RADOST LUDOST 9 offers full-time socializing!
Evening starts with bands that were created at the Rock Camp for Girls!
We then sail with Lady K + Decadence in the night to the horizon, and there is a real refreshment for The Bestbeat!
The helmsman has our dear DJ Natasha Vranic all the time, who takes us out of every trouble with Latin sounds!
There are interesting things on the deck, which is a TKV that graffiti says, and around Poi is getting ready and HuliHop is not dying because Ivka Koraksic turns us on until the head flashes!
Joy of Madness supports the exhibition of Street Gallery Surprise, by artist Nemanja Golijanin.
The evening is conceived to be relaxed, and who wants to donate something to our donor box in Cacak, he will not regret it, because everything is going for Žarana Papić’s scholarship!
See you because this is evening for love and joy!


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