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[:en]New Year's Eve at four locations 2018 Novi Sad

[:en]New Year's Eve at four locations 2018 Novi Sad
Novi Sad
Novi SadSrbija

The ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation will organise the New Year’s Eve celebration for citizens of Novi Sad and its visitors at four locations.

The goal of this year’s programme is to introduce new global trends to local creative industries with the goal of setting new standards in implementations of events. This will combine the processes of creation and production of this New Year’s Eve programme, as well as all future ones.
The ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation is preparing a rich programme, with the task to connect music, visual arts, individuals and organisations through inter-sector cooperation and symbiosis of imagination, movement and modern stage techniques.
Audio-visual experience of the New Year’s Eve celebration will be brought to you by:

* Director: Margaréta Táborosi the Novi Sad Theatre / ÚjvidékiSzínház
* Fireworks design: HRH Prince Đorđe Karađorđević and Mike Knox, Imperial Lotus/Pyrosure (Scotland/ United Kingdom)
* Light design: Milica Stojšić/ Faculty of Technical Sciences from Novi Sad – Department for Stage Design
* Stage design: Dragana Vilotić/ Faculty of Technical Sciences from Novi Sad – Department for Stage Design
The big names of local and regional scenes will perform in the main square of Novi Sad: Darko Rundek ‘Apocalypso Now’ (Zagreb/Croatia), ‘Plavi Orkestar’ band (Sarajevo/ Bosnia and Herzegovina) and ‘S.A.R.S.’ band (Beograd/Serbia).

Gastronomic offer of Novi Sad will be presented in the Republic Square where, in addition to concerts of various genres, you’ll be able to see animators, jugglers and acrobats that will season the daily programme with their performances.

Fans of electronic music will enjoy some of the best local and foreign performers in the Studio M on two stages, while the magical Ice Forest in the Danube Park will bring joy for children with the special daily programme with animators, performances of children choirs, and numerous other events.


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