[:en]NO!Mozzart + POTOP 23.02.2018.Elektropionir

[:en]NO!Mozzart + POTOP 23.02.2018.Elektropionir
Cetinjska 15, Beograd

O! Mozzart
Genre: Psycho-Post-Dub-Rock / Progressive / Experimental / Post-Classical / Shaman Trips / StraightFromTheBalkans /

“No! Mozzart is not Mozart. No. He is the scream coming from the mental cyber-garage, strange, intimidating, and full of passion …”

“NO! Mozzart is one of a kind, a reminder of the genius of Laurie Anderson, The Birthday Party and Steve Jansen, Kraftwerk, Radiohead and Johnny Greenwood’s avant-garde works … Progressive / modern / space / post-rock with plenty of experiments and loops. ”
“Aware of the 21st century, contemporary, original, and completely themselves, this band has no interest in retrospect.

“Tom Waits meets Beck in Berlin at Bowies place”
“Tom Waits spotyka Becka w Berlinie u Bowiego na chaci”

A verified team of three Zagreb-based musicians gathered around the initial lo-fi / electro-acoustic duet project Zoran Vujanović, with a new set, walked into a new variant of psychedelic rock bold with strange and unusual dub / blues references.
NO! Mozzart: Đuro Dobranić / Ivan Dugandžić / Zoran Vujanović /
+ NO! Mozzart Lo-fi: Matija Santro / Julijan Zarkovic /

INFO: The band released their “InTheWoods EP” in June 2017 for PROGRESSIVECREW, and since then they are constantly on the road! They just got back from their InTheWoods January TOUR2018 where they played shows in Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, etc …
While touring NO! Mozzart stopped in Hamburg, Germany to record a session! Mozzart recorded the entire album, including a few acoustic versions or variations of it all (NO! Mozzart lo-fi). The band continues to work on the new album in Hamburg in February 2018, and will have a new vinyl / CD / digital release in 2018.


POTOP – Garage trio from the post-rock shore and the depth of the wet stoner.
They are preparing an album that will emerge during 2018.
The band are: Vojce (guitar / voice), Nevena (drum), Nikola (bass)

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