[:en]Oldies but goldies 12.01.2018. Club

[:en]Oldies but goldies 12.01.2018. Club
Pavla Hatza 16, Zagreb

“If the love does not feel like 90’s R & B, I do not want it.”

We added the 2000s to this legendary quoete and decided to return to the first edition of the Good Shemale when we thought the world was a beautiful place where people did not listen to Fifth Harmony.

Realistically, we are already in 2018, so what year and 90s will be something like the time our old folks are talking about.
Let’s take advantage of this little time left for us to say that without a shame we can say that we have grown up to 90 because of the incidents in the Club that is 19+ can enter a whole new generation, she was born in 2000: (((

Gugliate these artists, they were popular back in the day:
Eve, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent, Notorius BIG, Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, Akon, Mary J. Blige, Destiny’s Child, Usher, Jagged Edge, Lauryn Hill, Ginuwine, Bey-Z, Outkast, Montell Jordan, .Kelly, Brandy & Monica, Blackstreet, Black Eyed Peas, Janet Jackson, 112, D’Angelo, Toni, Braxton, Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, Nelly, Eminem ….

DJ’s: Indy & Sin
20kn before 01h / 30kn after


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