[:en]PETAR GRAŠO 30.03.2018.Sava Center

[:en]PETAR GRAŠO 30.03.2018.Sava Center

Ticket prices: 1700, 2000, 2200 and 2500 dinars
Petar Graso and his band will perform in Sava Center next March. It is a news that will certainly be pleased with his numerous fans in Serbia and Belgrade.

“I’m really looking forward to returning to Belgrade and performing at the Sava Center. Two concerts in a row in the Sava Center in 2009 were from those that we will always remember, and the love and enthusiasm of the audience were fantastic. We hope that we will meet again in the evening which is not forgotten, “said Graso.

With a handful of unforgettable songs such as “Tuesday,” “Who Defends,” “Love of One Woman”, “Dear Gold”, “I Love and I Exist”, the audience will have the opportunity to hear more recent songs in Sava Center ” My Gold “,” Heart for Guides “…

Petar Grašo is a singer, composer of entertaining and pop music and a songwriter for numerous performers (Oliver Dragojević, Doris Dragović, Danijela Martinović …). He has been engaged in music since childhood, and at the age of 16 he wrote the song “Goddess”, with which Oliver Dragojevic ” Dori “won 2nd place in 1995.
The song “I Need Someone”, which was over 12 weeks at the top of the Croatian top list, is also the beginning of a period in which Grso will be confirmed as one of the most successful pop and younger generation pop stars.

His first album, the Moon above the clouds, released in 1997, was sold in a record 110,000 copies.
At the end of 1999, Grašin’s second album went out Tuesday with hit singles “Tuesday”, “Who Defends”, “Love of One Woman” and “Nevista”, again, winning the top list. This album has been sold in more than 40,000 copies in Slovenia, which is by far the biggest circulation of a male artist. A third album called Šporka Rici, released in 2003, reached the gold circulation in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. The album singles out singing “Jedina”, “Now I rarely remember you” (duet with A. Dedic), as well as “Dawn of Dawn Gold”, with which the same year won the Grand Prix at the Split Festival.


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