[:en]ŽELJKO JOKSIMOVIĆ 01.12.2017. Sava Center

[:en]ŽELJKO JOKSIMOVIĆ 01.12.2017. Sava Center

The spectacular “Two World” project, where one of the most popular musicians from this area, Zeljko Joksimovic, delights the public momentum as it is presented.
The musician has changed the arrangements of the most popular folk, pop and rock singers, as well as several of his performers who will perform in front of the audience on Dec. 1 in the Great Hall of the Sava Center.
On the list of poems he has written, among others, “I’m as hard as a horse” (Electric Orgasm), “Autumn in my Mom” ​​and “Vlajna” (Predrag Živković Tozovac), “Suada” (Blue Orchestra), “Two Sveta” Toma Zdravković), “Someone Got There Tonight” (Van Gogh), while from his repertoire Joksimović has distinguished numbers such as “Forgot”, “No love thing,” “Whatever we once did,” “Michelle” …

Jazz, different, New Year and New Year – this would be the first association of these songs and this project. The name “Two Worlds” is associated not only with the great hits of Tome Zdravkovic, but also by two musical and stylistic worlds that Željko tried to reconcile with this project.
Željko wanted to make a breakthrough, a different kind of music, to perform concerts in New Year’s Eve, modeled on Pula’s Enko, Mother Buble, worked on our songs, otherwise “dressed” them in, adding some of their songs. Formation of the “Big Band” was formed, musicians from various places were gathered, and the band was called “Capitalists”.
There are hours worked on these songs, the effort of dozens of musicians who have participated in their creation, as well as the enormous love they carry within themselves.

Ticket prices: 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 and 3500 din


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