[:en]Zoster 09.12.2017. KSET

[:en]Zoster 09.12.2017. KSET
Unska 3, Zagreb

Two years after the excellent promotion of the album “Heart Boosted” in KSET and half a year after a memorable performance at INmusic festival 20172017, Zoster is back in Zagreb and KSET!

On Saturday, December 9, 2017, the Zagreb audience will again have the opportunity to hear the live hits of the band’s 17-year career on a total of four albums. The bands’ texts are constantly improving and deepening, and it is hard to notice that throughout their existence Zoster conveys messages of tolerance, peace, progressiveness and affirmation, love, and sometimes education.

The Zoster Group was created as a result of the fall in immunity of society and the need to say something, and it would be unlucky to place Zoster in a particular music genre, because through its 4 albums, a lot of reggae, rock, light ballads and more.
In addition to the independent concerts of the Zoster group, which they had in almost all the major cities in the region, they also performed in many European capitals, including most of the festivals in the region (Exit, INmusic, Sarajevo Film Festival, Lake Fest Niksic, Jazz Fest Sarajevo, Seasplash and many others).

Current group shows include Mario Knezovic – vocals, Atilla Aksoj – guitar, Adis Sirbubalo – keyboards, Nikola Galić – bass and Goran Rebac – drums.

Tickets at a pre-sale price of 40 kn can be purchased at KSET and Dirty Old Empire, and 60 kn will be required on the day of the concert.


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