Exhibition "Nineties: Dictionary of Migration" 05.12.2019 / 01.03.2020 Museum of Yugoslavia

Exhibition "Nineties: Dictionary of Migration" 05.12.2019 / 01.03.2020 Museum of Yugoslavia
Muzej Jugoslavije, Beograd, Srbija
05.Dec.2019 - 01.Mar.2020
The Museum of Yugoslavia is opening an exhibition “Nineties: A Dictionary of Migration”, which will feature more than thirty contemporary artists, artists and activist collectives dealing with the problem of population migration to and from Serbia during the aforementioned decade. The exhibition will be opened at the Museum “25. May “, and this will also be the first exhibition in the renovated interior of the mentioned building, which is part of the Museum of Yugoslavia complex.
The primary goal of the exhibition is to map the various forms of engagement from the 1990s to the present, through which the social, cultural, political and legal problems created by these highly complex and traumatic migration processes are addressed in the arts. The exhibition also introduced a parallel narrative line, which will be able to be traced through the selection of documents such as laws, political agreements and national strategies that have predominantly defined the status of people affected by migration movements. The purpose of such an exhibit structure is to partially illuminate and broaden the context in which they originate or refer to works of art and initiatives.
The audience will discover the contents of the exhibition as they move through space through a network of terms, ie a migration dictionary, which will provide them with an apparatus for reading and interpreting the exhibition.
The dictionary is an alternative to the dominant discourses through which, in the domain of law, public policy and academia, these issues are thought and acted upon. The aforementioned “vocabulary” was created by the collaboration of curators and exhibitors and consists of the following terms, syntagms and idioms: address, unlawful necessity, cleansing, human, dignity / solidarity / internationalism, courage and / or cowardice, inventory, erased, Yugoslavia , one way ticket, suitcase, computer cleaning / vain hope, home or home, place, discomfort, other, plan, object, friends, hands, holes, safe land, free temporary territory, transfer, sadness, uprising, law, land / territory, yearning for life.
The exhibition ‘Nineties: A Dictionary of Migration’ features the Association ‘Absolutely’, Alexandria Ajdukovic (Airdna Xela), Dejan Dimitrijevic / Seric Nebojsa Soba, Dusica Drazic, Jusuf Hadzifejzovic, Kiosk Platform, Milena Maksimovic, Goranka Matic, The Collective ‘Ana’ Migrative Miljanic / Center for Cultural Decontamination, Milorad Mladenovic, Ivana Momcilovic (Momcila Ivanovic) / Loran Wanson, Tanja Ostojic, Vesna Pavlovic, Nikola Radic Lucati, Vladimir Radojicic, Vahida Ramujkic / Dionis Escorsa, Rena Raedle and Vladan Jeremic, Vladan Jeremic Sombati (Bálint Szombathy), Skart (Djordje Balmazovic, Skart Prota), Cedomir Vasic.
In addition to artistic positions, the exhibition includes some initiatives and organizations in the field of activism and the civil sector, but above all those that include collaboration with contemporary artists, or initiated by artists: Group 484, “Cardan – Culture Memories “, Vojvodina Civic Center VCC, Joint Action Roof Over Head and Women In Black Serbia .
During the exhibition, an accompanying program will be organized in the form of expert guidance by authors and individual participants through the exhibition, panels, art events and winter schools for high school students.
The Museum of Yugoslavia team responsible for the realization of the exhibition is led by curators – exhibition authors Simona Ognjanovic and Ana Panic. The architect of the setting is Milorad Mladenovic, and the visual identity was created by Zoran Pantelic.
The exhibition is realized within the project “New Mapping of Europe”, which was supported by the European Commission through the Creative Europe program and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.


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