Gala Dance 28.12.2018. Hotel Park

Gala Dance 28.12.2018. Hotel Park
Novosadskog sajma 35, Novi Sad, Serbia
20:00Novi SadSrbija
Dear dancers, honored dance lovers, dear friends,
It is our pleasure to invite you to another of our Gala Dance Visions, we are pleased to invite you to the Predestination Gala Dance Evening.
Friday, December 28, 2018, from 20:00, Hotel ” Park ” – Novi Sad (Bal sala).
It means a solemn toilette. Smoking in the dance hall is not allowed!
Ticket price: 400,00 RSD. Ticket sales are not foreseen on the day of this dance event.
Tickets (individual or group arrival) can be provided:

– by phone call. 064 / 187-16-61;
– message to the inbox of the official facebook page of the Dance Center Anakreont
– message on our facebook page

→ requests from New Zealand → Tickets can be picked up personally at the time and at the location as agreed.
→ requests from New Year → Tickets we post post express on the requested address.
Protocol Evenings:

* 20:00 – 20:40 Music Intermission;
* 20:40 – 20:45 Introductory word of the organizer Dinner;
* 20:45 – 01:00 Gala Dance Evening.
this year we have prepared a new year’s gift for one party Gala Večeri – TV LED 32 “! 🙂
With love, Dance Center Anakreont


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