Vesne Knežević '' Agbatana '' 01 – 08.04.2019.Galerija Flu

Vesne Knežević '' Agbatana '' 01 – 08.04.2019.Galerija Flu
Kneza Mihaila 53, Belgrade, Serbia
01.Apr.2019 - 08.Apr.2019
The manuscript of Vesna Knezevic is in perfect harmony with her temperament, founded during the studies at the Belgrade Faculty of Fine Arts in the late 1970’s and early 80’s (class of professors Radomir Reljić and Radenko Mišević) … It can be said that her poetics formed on the crossing of personal talents – the tendency towards accentuated expressiveness, strong colored contrasts, pure colors, and, finally, the theme that (in the parameters of figurative expression) brings to the forefront the body, passion, elemental and pure communication of human beings … In another In the decade of this century, Vesna Knežević appears a new substrate – transparent and flexible polyethylene foil. The layering of paintings and their special arrangement, within the framework of the ambient setting of the appeal of theatrical-scenographic association …

(Excerpt from the Referendum on the occasion of promotion to the full professor FLU, written by the professors: Mileta Prodanović, Dobrica Bisenić and Mirko Ognjanović)
The name of the AGBATANA exhibition was taken from the work of artist Frank Stele; refers to the ancient ancient city and literally denotes the place of assembly. The exhibition item represents the extermination of Vesna Knezevic from her traditional artistic expression in the ambience / painting, which the artist partially evoked in her earlier works of great format …
Vesna Knezevic was born in Belgrade in 1959. She graduated from FLU in Belgrade in 1983. At the same Faculty, she completed her master studies in 1985. She has been a member of ULUS since 1984. As a winner of the Musa Pijade Award, she was studying in Paris in 1989. Independent artist until 1997, when he started working on FLU. Doctoral art studies finished in 2017 at FLU. Since 2019 he has been a full professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. It has achieved a large number of murals, participating as a mentor with FLU students. The winner is more rewarded and grateful.


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