Unska 3, Zagreb

Beginning of the new semester, the beginning of new concerns and pain, and it looks like it will be “every day after tomorrow.”

But do not worry, your favorite Club is here to fix the situation. Whether you were burning CEL, struggling with the Erasmus paperwork, or having taken the same place in the student dormitory, having a conflict with a college and enrollment, you did not go into the desired group, get an exposure for the next week of this 600-page book to read, crush on this ice, etc., etc. – do not worry because soon will come better and sunny days! And to provide you with comfort and motivate you for this semester, celebrate your passages or simply sink into alcohol, we have prepared a very special party.

Namely, X.a. celebrates the 18th birthday !!

Yes, yes, we came to this figure, so we invite you all to join the big celebration 8.3. in KSET. Excerpts of current and former members of the Club are waiting for you to learn how it all started and came to this day.
Of course, as you can see, we will celebrate this occasion and the Women’s Day – a quiz of knowledge about the famous women of the Anglo-American countries from all areas of human activity, where you can show your knowledge.

Everything will be accompanied by a screening of images of various club events from his modest beginnings and a full low cost while enjoying hits from 2000 to 2018 with a special emphasis on singers: from Gwen Stefani to Due Lipe, from Destiny’s Child to Little Mix, by Missy Elliot to Cardi B with a late inserted Ed, Eminem, Mars, Sean Paul. Not to mention hits by Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gage as well as pre- and post-puberty Bieber. Sugar will eventually be famous karaoke and start thinking about with which song you will capture the hearts of the audience: D

Start: 20
About club: 20:30 – 21
Quiz: 21:15 – 22:15
Karaoke: 22:15 – 00

P.S. Dress code: RED!


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