[:en]High TATRE 05 – 09.01.2018. Serbian Outdoor club

[:en]High TATRE 05 – 09.01.2018. Serbian Outdoor club
Ustanicka 125 c, Beograd
05.Jan.2018 - 09.Jan.2018

High TATRE – the power of natural beauty, eruptive power, in full expression

Tatra Mountains are a mountain wreath on the border of Slovakia and Poland and represent the highest part of the Carpathians. The largest part and the highest peaks of this crown are in Slovakia, among which is the highest, Gerlachov peak (Gerlachovský štít) with its 2,655 m above sea level. The valley of the river Vah divides the Tatras into the High and Low. Otherwise, with over 24 peaks higher than 2,500 m above sea level, they are the only Alpine region in the entire Carpathian massif, long, 1200 km.
When there is a desire to experience such a space, a complex dilemma arises – where to start and how to best present them? Because of all this, it will be part of the granite luxuries that rests on the territory of Slovakia. Criteria for further narrowing of the election were: ambient beauty, geographical meaning and historical significance. Accordingly, they are in themselves: Krivan, Bistra Lavka and Koprovski shield, because they are ideally arranged on the routes between the main river valleys: Beli Vah, Belanski, Furkotski and Hincov stream. Krivan is a national symbol, while the other three peaks are just a reason to pass extremely beautiful and popular routes with several glacier lakes.

See the full program at: http://serbianoutdoor.com/dogadjaj/visoke-tatre/

The action is realized by: Gordana Atanasijevic and Nesa Carevic
065 377 14 74, gordana@serbianoutdoor.com


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