[:en]Ring Ring – Night of Duos 19.05.2018.SKC

[:en]Ring Ring – Night of Duos 19.05.2018.SKC
Kralja Milana 48, Beograd

Night of Duos, two dua the next night of this year’s edition of the festival. The premiere, and the world’s joint duo, is the performance of the Novi Sad pianist MARINA JUKLJEV and the Budapest drummer ARON PORTELEKI. Interestingly, both of them performed the same evening of the festival last year, but in two separate projects. She in the Schalter ensemble, he as a member of the Argo group. They played several times so far, but in larger settings they waited for a long time to try out as a duo. In the last two years, Marina has exploded, published some great albums for publishers from across Europe, and Aron is an extremely engaged and challenging contributor.
One of the “hits” of the festival will certainly be a reunion with the audiences of the Belgrade audience, of course, they are KEN VANDERMARK and PAAL NILSSEN LOVE, the two most likely best-performing musicians on the free scene. The concert at the festival is the beginning of their tour.


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