[:en]Scorpions 10.06.2018.Arena

[:en]Scorpions 10.06.2018.Arena
Arena, Beograd

The Scorpions concert, scheduled to take place on December 7, 2017, was moved to June 10, 2018 in Stark Arena. Tickets purchased for the December term are valid for a new date. Scorpions once again apologize for postponing the originally scheduled concert due to the singer’s illness and are very happy to meet with the audience from Serbia and the region on June 10, 2018 in Štark Arena!

Their concerts in Ostrava and Ljubljana were also postponed.

In more than 50 years of long career, one of the most famous German groups, she has sold over 100 million albums and is legally located in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Prominent for “heroic metal heroes” and “ambassadors of the deadline”, they won numerous awards, including two “World Music Awards” and several “Echo” awards.

Their songs “Still Loving You”, “Wind of Change” and “Send me and Angel” have become timeless hits that are still roaming today on numerous radio stations, but despite the incredible success of these ballads, Scorpions are primarily hard rock band that brings fierce energy on the stage of songs such as “Rock You Like An Hurricane”, “Blackout”, “Dynamite” and others.

Fifty years have elapsed since teenagers Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs wandered the streets of Hannover who woke up from post-war paralysis, carrying their instruments and amps. For the past 50 years, they have become the most successful German rock band. A number of groups including Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day, Korn as well as System Of A Down worked on Scorpions’ hits. The song “Rock You Like An Hurricane” has experienced more than 150 workings by various musicians.

Expressing career in the numbers of the band like Scorpions is almost an impossible mission. However, one number should be mentioned, which is more than 100 million sold albums to date, making this band the most successful rock band of continental Europe!

A large number of silver, gold and platinum confessions are just one part of Scorpions’ history. An important part is their impenetrable desire for travel. Thousands of concerts were played on all parts of the planet. They were the first western rock band that sold out five concerts in Leningrad in 1988. Also, pioneering achievements have their early performances in China and South Asia, opening doors to other Western bands.

Performing at the Moscow Music Peace festival in 1989, Scorpions definitely won Russia as well as inspired Klaus to write a track that soon became the anthem of the final fall of the Iron Curtain – “Wind of Change”.

For more than 50 years, a long career has had a lot of magical moments. Some are forever recorded on live albums, some on movies and video clips. These moments cemented the reputation of Scorpions as one of the rare bands that rose above the crowd.


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