[:en]TúSNUA 14.12.2017. Culture Factory

[:en]TúSNUA 14.12.2017. Culture Factory
Šubićeva 2, Zagreb

The band from Zagreb TousNua released its first album “Horizons” on September 15 this year, and released the album through its Bandcamp site. The concert performance of the album will be December 14 at the Zagreb Culture Factory.

Their studio release announced the singles “Matches” and “Geysir” and the videos for the same song. The album has a total of 9 songs, which were recorded and mixed in a period of one year at ChickenSound Studio (Vedran Kovačić-Beli). The master was Vedran Kovačić-Beli and Valent Samardžija, while Eva Badanjak was the illustrator and designer.

In addition to the standard band arrangement (Jordi Ilić, Jelena Božić, Matea Milevoj), several songs were performed by members of the band Žen, Sara Ercegović (drums on “Geysir”, “Obvious” and “Repeat”) and Eva Badanjak (synth on “There’s a , and Ivana Picek (Pi) as a back vocal to “There’s a thinlinebetweeneverything”, Lucija Potočnik (Irena Žilić, ex Mika Male) who played bass on “Matches” and Goran Gray (###) on the drums for “Fight”, and on some songs in the arrangement were Emerge Dora (ex Bleeding on Wednesday, Vice Atlantic).

TusNua has been in Belgium, Slovenia and Croatia so far, and on the list of countries they have also added to Austria, where 11.11. performed at Postgarage in Graz. Bend will soon announce new concert dates.

You can buy tickets in Entrio at a pre-sale price of 25 kuna, while on the day the concert will be 35 kuna.


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