[:en]X New Year Cup 16 – 17.12.2017 Aeronautical Museum

[:en]X New Year Cup 16 – 17.12.2017 Aeronautical Museum
Aerodromu, Beograd
16.Dec.2017 - 17.Dec.2017

Competition X New Year Cup will be held at the Aeronautical Museum at the airport Nikola Tesla in the period 16-17.12.2017 with the following timetable:


– 09-13h Log-in
– 13-16h Exhibition
– 16h Trial


– 09-13h Exhibition
– 13-14h Issue of a model
– 14-16h Awarding of recognition

As before, a special part will be provided for your designs and the models you want to display in the exhibition.

The Museum of Aircraft is located at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, 1.5 km away from the Belgrade – Sid highway. The Museum of the Air Force can also be reached by local Belgrade – Surčin, where, in the distance of 3.5 km, it separates the route for the airport This route is transported by the GSP bus on line 72 with the starting station “Zeleni Venac” and the last station at the airport “Nikola Tesla” airport in Belgrade.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@oluj.org
Applications for the maker’s stock market are collected until 04.12.2017. at info@oluj.org

General information:

– A visit to the competition and setting up a museum this year is free for all visitors
– The restaurant works
– Parking around the Museum is free, but limited capacity. We recommend the use of a nearby garage Parking Service (65 din. Per hour)
– Registration of competitive models is 500 RSD per competitor, and 300 RSD for electronic registration. Juniors and cadets do not pay registration
– Each competitor can compete in one category with multiple models, and the best placed model will be ranked


Juniors – up to 14 years

J1 Jet 1/144, 1/72, 1/48, 1/32
J2 Prop 1/144, 1/72, 1/48, 1/32
J3 Wheels 1/72, 1/35, 1/48
J4 Track loaders 1/72, 1/35, 1/48
J5 Other

Cadets – 14 to 18 years old

K1 Jet 1/144, 1/72, 1/48, 1/32
K2 Prop 1/144, 1/72, 1/48, 1/32
K3 Wheels 1/72, 1/35, 1/48
K4 Tracked 1/72, 1/35, 1/48
K5 Others

Seniors – older than 18

S1 Military aircraft all 1/144 and less – Less than 1/72
S2 Aircraft jet 1/72
S3 Aircraft Prop 1/72
S4 Aircraft jet 1/48
S5 Avion prop 1/48
S6 Airplanes all 1/32 and higher – larger than 1/48
S7 Helio all the situation
S8 Vehicles Wheels 1/72
S9 Vehicles Crawler Trucks 1/72
S10 Vehicles Wheels 1/35 and larger
S11 Vehicles Crawlers 1/35 and larger
S12 Capture all the situations
S13 Diorame 1/72
S14 Diorame 1/48 and larger
S15 Figure all the situation
S16 Civilian Vehicles all the circumstances
S17 Sci-Fi all sizes
S18 Plastic Ships and vessels all sizes
S19 Miscellaneous all the conditions
S20 Self-construction all the conditions
S21 Passenger airplanes 1/100 and less
S22 Airborne diamonds and screw up all the situations
S23 Vehicle wheels and crawler 1/48

Special categories: Aircrafts of Serbia

Flags with tags:

– Kingdom of Serbia;
– Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes;
– the Kingdom of Yugoslavia;
– the Federal nationalRepublic of Yugoslavia;
– Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia;
– Federal Republic of Yugoslavia;
– Serbia and Montenegro and
– Republic of Serbia.


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