HOOVERPHONIC 27.03.2019. Kombank dvorana

HOOVERPHONIC 27.03.2019. Kombank dvorana
Trg Nikole Pašića, Belgrade, Serbia

IN A STEP FOR STARS: HOOVERPHONIC IN BELGRADE! The legendary Belgian band “Hooverphonic” singled out in the masses of commercial bands in the mid-1990s, when he broke the legs of the entire Europe by interfering with the alternative rock, electronics and indie sound. Twenty years later, this unusual band finally comes to visit Belgrade, with the intention of enrolling our audience in their world army of fans, but also to remind them of the planetary popular hit Mad about you. On that occasion, their stage will be Kombank Hall on March 27, starting at 9.00 pm, while the audience will be able to take their seats starting at 8.00 pm. The current band, who will be introduced to the Serbian capital, will be Alex Callier, Raymond Geerts and Luka Cruysberghs. The trio will have the opportunity to introduce its latest retro album “Looking for the Stars” for the first time to Belgrade, and on the repertoire will also find all the songs that marked their past career and brought them world fame. For the past two decades, Hoeverphonic band was joined by various singers, including singers, including Liesje Sadonius, Kyoko Baertsoen, Esther Lybeert, Geike Arnaert and Noémie Wolfs. Musicians have always been looking for the right voice for a particular song, and so much co-operation with different interpreters, who served them to leave a trail at each of the four ends of the world, while the song that went further for the development of this illusionist band is Mad about you, which was created in 2000, which is considered a masterpiece– and that has recorded the greatest success on a world level. Its popularity is also indicated by the fact that at the beginning of the new millennium it was used in several films, and even 19 years later, when the greatest success rate is the number of reviews on music sites, it does not lag behind the biggest hits of today. The trend of the diverse vocals of the band continued, as it was parallel to celebrating twenty years of existence, Hooverphonic offered a collection of singles sung by several singers and singers in its 9th studio album, “In Wonderland.” Since 1995, this band has never ceased to create so-called cinema pop music, which some still call trip-hop, although Alex Callier, the creative mind of the band, prefers the term retro futurism. The last two albums, “In Wonderland” and “Looking for stars”, are the best proof of their unusual vision, which continues to stand side by side with all the new trends of modern music.


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