[:en]Big Band RTS 22.02.2018.Dom omladine

[:en]Big Band RTS 22.02.2018.Dom omladine
Makedonska 22, Beograd

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2018. At 20:00
Organization: Dom omladine Beograda, Music production RTS and US Embassy in Belgrade
On the occasion of marking the month of African American history in the United States, on February 22, at the Great Hall of the Youth Center of Belgrade, a Big Band RTS concert titled “Jazz Ambassadors” will be held, dedicated to the long-running tour program and performances of famous American jazz artists.

With this concert our eminent ensemble starts a series of great performances in the year of the anniversary, 70 years since the founding (1948-2018).

In 1956, the US government made a special program called Jazz Ambassadors, organizing performances and tour of the legendary jazz stars, Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Dizy Gilespie, Dick Elington, and later Dave Brubek. They traveled the world and acted as jazz ambassadors of the United States, spreading a new art of the twentieth century, jazz music. Since then, the Bureau of Education and Culture of the United States, in collaboration with John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, has been organizing performances all over the world with its artists, who in addition to performing perform workshops and professional training with local musicians and students.

As always, art has far outstripped and transferred the initial expectations and motives of the organizers, and many countries and cities have met with jazz giants in live, and it can be freely said that this initiative has greatly contributed to the popularization of jazz music outside of the country in which it was created.


The Black History Month, which will be held in Belgrade in February, is part of a global, American project to popularize African-American culture, which celebrates and honors the achievements and successes of African Americans in America. The great contribution of African Americans to the history of American culture has long been forgotten or even skipped. With the painstaking conquest of the right to equality and gradual acceptance of their art in the public and the media, thanks to an organized action such as the “Black History Month”, today we can say that the African American artists finally got the place they belong to.

Concert tickets are sold via EVENTIM network, at a price of 500 dinars.


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